The terms and conditions described herein shall apply solely and exclusively to purchases made on this website.

1. Coupon promotions
Conditions of use of discount coupons on
1.1 Only one discount coupon can be used per order per shopping cart.
1.2 Coupons are non-refundable, can be used on a single purchase of one or more products purchased through that benefit from the coupon, and cannot be redeemed for cash. Terms and conditions regarding the validity of the coupon are included with each coupon.
1.3 Discount coupons can be used for payment above a certain minimum purchase amount. This amount is specified in the conditions governing each coupon, is included in the specifications of the promotion in question, and is applied to the final sale price (including VAT), excluding shipping costs.
1.4 Discount coupons are valid for the purchase of a specific selection of products and will expire if they have not been used by the period of validity of the coupon. Both the selection of products to which they apply and the expiry date will be indicated in the terms and conditions governing each coupon. If you have any questions in this regard, our Customer Service is at your disposal at all times.
1.5 Certain discount coupons are valid only for a certain category of items. Likewise, certain offers may be reserved only for persons who have never shopped at and do not have a user account. All restrictions and details regarding the offer can be found in the specific conditions of each coupon.
1.6 It is not permitted to sell, trade, or acquire discount coupons in any way. This also applies to coupons or promotional codes purchased from third parties.
1.7 Discount coupons are not cumulative and are not applicable with the use of gift cards or other special promotions.

Free shipping

The terms and conditions for FREE SHIPPING on all participating products are hereby disclosed.
2.1 The offer is only applicable for purchases made through the official website of
2.2 Free shipping is valid only during the time stated on banners and official advertisements on the website.
2.3 Promotion only valid for users in USA.
2.4 Promotion valid when paying with any accepted payment method.
2.5 Promotion applies only to products and times established, with a minimum purchase of $50 USD.
2.6 The user acknowledges and accepts that the information provided and registered on the virtual platform is truthful and reliable, being fully responsible for error or falsity of the information entered by the same user.
2.7 Kanaus reserves the right to cancel orders, if it detects fraudulent intention.
2.8 Kanaus reserves the right to reject and cancel any order that, due to its characteristics, is determined not to be applicable for the benefit of the discount, without prior notice to the user.
2.9 The availability of products is subject to the available inventory in the store. Kanaus reserves the right to cancel orders if the store inventory is insufficient, without prior notice to the user.
2.10 In the event that a change of product is requested for another product that is not part of the present promotion, free shipping will not be applicable.